Luca Giovacchini is a guitarist and composer from Lucca, Tuscany in 1971.

He began studying classical guitar at the age of eight.  As a teenager he excelled in his classical studies, completing his eighth grade diploma in music in 1990 and receiving golden merits in theory, harmony and composition.

Influenced by his father’s passion for Afro-American music, Luca took a particular interest in jazz and blues during his youth.

Luca began performing at the age of fourteen, an eclectic listener and performer, he performed in various projects ranging from blues and rock, pop and folk.

Having spent time visiting and performing in Chicago and being greatly influenced by artists like T.Bone Walker, Skip James, Muddy Waters, Freddie King, Bill Frisell, the young guitarist soon became highly involved in the Italian Jazz scene.

In the following years Luca would perform and record with various artists and institution such as “Maurizio Geri Swingtet” (winning top 10 Italian Jazz album of the year in 1998), Piano. C Reed, Michael Allen,  Blues Harbour (Mimmo Mollica), Barga Jazz Orchestra directed by Bruno Tommaso, Michela Lombardi, Lu Colombo, Bobby Johnson, Alfonso De Pietro, Dwayne Thomas, Blues Factory, Dimitri Grechi Esponoza, Riccardo Onori, Bobo Rondelli, Laura Fedele and others.

Also a great lover of folk and popular music, Luca has performed, written and recorded with singer-songwriters Francesco Guccini, Emma Morton, Igor Vazzaz and together with his band “Il Colectivo” (Marco Panattoni) won the prestigious “Premio Ciampi” award in 2000.

Luca has been teaching privately since the age of twenty and has given many seminars and masterclasses on the history of Blues, composition and performance within diverse associations and institutions including the Music Academy (Bologna), Ass. Scenica Frammenti, Ass. Armunia.


Emma Morton, Gipi, Frank Frost, Robert Lee Burnside, Sam Carr, Micheal Coleman, Shweta Pandit, Michael Allen, Dwayne Thomas, Kunt Duchaine, Matteo Buzzanca, Piano C. Reed, Nick Becattini, Federico Bertelli, Mimmo Mollica & Blues Harbour, Blues Factory, Bobo Rondelli, Maurizio Geri, Klaus Lessman, Luca Marianini, Laura Fedele, Andrea Melani, Lello Paretti, Bobby Johnson, Piero Leveratto, Vinicio Capossella, Nico Gori, Dario Cecchini, Jimmy Villotti, Stefano Giannotti, Alberto Marsico, Stefano Zarfatti, Francesco Guccini, Riccardo Galardini, Riccardo Onori, Michela Lombardi.


Sony Music Italy (2015), Cramps Records (2015),  Warner Music Italy (2015), Blueblood Records (2015), Reverb Records London (2014), O-Fi Records (2013), Putamayo (2010), Videoradio (2004), Philology (2003)

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